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A Picture: Worth a Thousand Words

From now on, if I am ever asked to describe myself - in terms of physicality, personality, or emotion...ality - I will be using the following image.

This image depicts me in a way that words never could. Every clunking, mismatched, awkward thing about me, both inside and out, can be summed up thusly:

Thanks, murg for sourcing this. It is brilliant; and its accuracy is astounding.


oh hon. i just want to fly over to you and give you a great big hug.

i think that beaureu is gorg! except the handles... they look a bit dangerous.
Aww, thanks! I won't lie to you, I quite like the image - the decor, the dresser, everything - if I can't be regularly awesome, then I aim to be that kind of awesome!
*Sticks his socks in your top drawer*
Fnur fnur, I like your handles.

You're far too hard on yourself... Canberra is a hotbed of crazy gays.

You're an awesome guy, funny, heart of gold, real, and anyone is a dick wank for not wanting you
and that was obviously to you chris... not that gadge isn't... i just er... clicked the wrong button :p
Well then, there's a depressing number of dicks out there.

And I don't want a crazy gay! I just want a normal one! Where are they? Haaaa.
They're not in Canberra...

I spent two years in Canberra and I was pretty much single the whole time. The guys that I did meet were all... well slighly weird.

I mean, I made some great mates - but no one who had the whole package.

Canberra is a small town. It does only have a population of 300,000. It means that it will take longer to find that special guy for you. It'll happen hot stuff...

(p.s. I'm in Canberra on Sunday for a whole 13 hours... .wahey! Totally going to sammy's for dinner! I want their special deep fried chicken!)

Ooh, I've never eaten the special deep fried chicken! Is it really that special?
omg YES

Its orgasmic

come along on sunday night and I'll shout you a bit...