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Because I can't write this stuff on Twitter anymore...

Hey guess what LiveJournal:

I made it to thirty. Nine minutes ago, it became the 20th of December: my birthday. My thirtieth birthday. I was sixteen when I first started my online existence, and twenty when I opened this LJ account. I was going to say something about time flying, but when I think back to the early days of this LJ it seems like it was a FERZILLION YEARS AGO. So maybe time doesn't fly at all.

But Happy Birthday to me! Hooray!

PS: I can highly recommend hosting your birthday party a week before your actual day. I've been getting a steady trickle of presents for eight days now.


Happy Birthday! I will send you a pony. It's still not your birthday here for another 29 minutes!

Why can't you put stuff like this on Twitter? o.O
Because of my Twitter moratorium. But it's over now! I came back. I'll see how it goes.
I did realise this afterwards... but was going to feel like an idiot if I edited my comment :P
Happy Birthday!

Been waiting to say that for awhile now.

Where did you celebrate?
I ended up at work for my actual birthday, but my birthday party was at Softbelly in the city. They do room hire for free, and the room had couches and mirrors and mood lighting—perfect for a 007 themed party! It was lovely! (And over a month ago now? Gosh I should be more prompt with my LJ replies.)
Happy Birthday! The 'net is more awesome because of you.
You are an utter delight to have as an internet companion.