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what the frick

I Blame Inner Circle

Okay, this sweating is driving me crazy.

I don't know if it's because I'm not used to sitting with my arms by my sides at a desk for 9 hours, or because the airconditioning for this room is shot to hell, or because it's a leftover symptom from my ManCold, but I am a sweaty man right now; and have been all week.

It's not like I'm a slippery ball of moisture all over - it's just my underarms, and I don't smell (because if THAT were the case, I would have run home and locked myself in my room with embarrassment days ago); but today I have brought two shirts to work so I can change back and forth as the need arises. It's fucking annoying.


Maybe you're dying? When I had a really bad infection, all I did was sweat, and it turned out my body was going into some weird crazy shock thing... lucky I have a couple of friends who are doctors *LOL* I thought it was just unusually warm.
Oh, awesome! Something to look forward to!

No, I'm not feeling like it's unusually warm or anything (although it is very hot - but everyone is feeling that). But I am starting to think that this is the retreating ManCold/ManChestInfection giving me one final kick in the slats on the way out.
Yeah I didn't feel hot, I just thought it MUST be hot and I wasn't feeling it... I was sweating like a biggest loser contestant in the initial "we'll kick you out if you dont keep running" episodes... Then once I took stuff to kill the infection I was a lot better off. My body was going into some kind of shock, and if I didnt start on meds when I did it would have gotten really serious. EEP!
Infection = Deaaaaath!! :P

Naw, Im sure its just your bosy fighting off the last of the germs... if you sleep a lot, drink green tea and stay alive, I think you will be fine :P
and now I have that Inner Circle song stuck in my head.

Thanks jerk.
That makes me feel a little better.