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Service - 6/10, Ambience - 7/10, Table Equilibrium - 2/10

After the movies on Tuesday night (Ghost Town - pretty good, there are a dozen Ghosts W/ Unfinished Business movies out there, but it was a nice spin on the concept; I think I’d turn straight for Kristen Wiig); Ben and I got some dinner at a nearby café.

During the meal, a combination of condensation and a gentle sloping of the table meant that my water glass kept slowly sliding from the middle of the table to the outer corner. Of its own accord. It was amusing at first…

…until I forgot about it. And it hit the floor. Right as I was in the middle of a story that involved some kind of hand movement.

I DID NOT TOUCH THE GLASS. But all the other patrons could see was me Kermit-flailing; followed by a thunk, a splash, and a flying lemon slice.

Worst of all, it kind of went unacknowledged for about five minutes. No staff came over; so while I quickly picked up the glass (and wedged it between the salt shaker and the cocktail menu), the small flood of mineral water and ice stayed on the floor, expanding slowly. And I have no idea where the lemon slice went.

Hopefully into someone else’s Pad Thai, because that dish could have done with some damn flavour.


ahhh the joys of Canberra's service... let me guess... Sammy's?
!! You hush your mouth about Sammy's! I like it there! I only just discovered it, too - I upgraded from Wagamama next door because I was sick of waiting a day and half for my katsu curry (which invariably came out green) to arrive.

No, this was at Verve in Manuka. The noodles were a little too al dente for a Thai dish, too.

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