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what the frick

Southpark Hair

My hair has this despicable habit of looking perfectly acceptable from a flat, front-on angle. This means that as I look up into the mirror, I see my hair sitting in a way that seems acceptable for facing the day.

It's hours and hours later, as I catch myself in reflections from more and more angles, that from EVERY OTHER ANGLE it looks rifrickingdonkulous. Like those three dimensional chalk drawings that dude does on pavements - if you're not standing in exactly the right place, it looks all munted and lopsided.

And that's EXACTLY how my hair looks: munted and lopsided.

Yet another part of my body that could pass as abstract installation art.


*LOL* You know, if you get it cut right and use the right hair products it could be easily rectified.

I really do dread to ask what else you have that can be classed as abstract art. *lol* Especially when coupled with the term installation.
It's cut fine, it's just that it grows so damn fast. And I have three different hair products kicking about, but sometimes I am just lazy (worst. gay. ever.).

I think I am one giant arrangement of installation art. All mismatching and weird and fun to look at, but no necessarily with any real aesthetic.
Does this picture sum up your description?

This is the most accurate physical depiction of me and everything I am that I have ever seen.

This photo IS Christopher.
*lol*... it's a credenza!! *TWIRRRRL*
Happy Birthday!