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talk to food

Food With Flair - but not too much flair

There's a cafe down the road from work (and by down the road, I mean five minutes drive - if you are ever in Canberra and you hear my radio station DJs talking about being in the middle of a paddock? They are not joking) that serves the most amazing chicken salad. I couldn't tell you anything else on the menu, because every time I go there I always order it.

It's called Cajun Chicken Salad; and it is like an orgasm with lettuce (and a big hello to all the food fetishists who have just discovered me through Google!).

It occurred to me today, however, that I have no idea why it is called a Cajun Chicken Salad. The ingredients are:

- chicken
- capsicum
- lettuce
- tomato
- bacon
- avocado
- croutons

Is there anything about this particular combination of ingredients that just screams "French-colonised Louisiana"? Not to my knowledge. Then again, my knowledge is limited, but I'm sure there should at least be *some* spice involved. Somewhere. Or bourbon. Am I generalising? Probably.

But then I remembered the salad dressing. It's a honey and poppy seed salad dressing. Honey...and poppy seed. I suddenly realised why they gave it the name Cajun Chicken Salad.

Because Totally Gay Chicken Salad wouldn't sell nearly as well.