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New Home

I'm not sure what this means for LJ, but I have a new home!

Jasper Schultz

Why the pseudonym? It's a long story involving my inability to secure 'Tophe' in a domain name, the recommendation that a fake name helps with the nastier elements of defamation (shameless libel for all!), and a lifelong fondness for the name 'Jasper' (recently re-ignited by a ridiculously attractive man playing a character called 'Jasper' in a movie. I'd rather not say which movie).

I finally own interweb real estate!



Besides, emmett was the hot one :D
Who said anything about Twilight? I never...

...oh, of course it was Twilight. Emmett had some glorious thick-necked hotness going on, but Jasper has my heart.