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Worst. Gay. Ever.

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20 December 1980
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As of 2010, I now live in Melbourne. For five years I lived in Canberra, where I moved for work. Before that, I lived in Queensland - everywhere and yet nowhere.

I worked in radio for nine years, which I started in because I thought it was adjacent enough to acting to be helpful for my career. Turned out to be a major setback to acting because it became a full time job. A career path, almost. It wasn't a straight path, though. I was a receptionist, a promotional vehicle driver, a late night announcer, half a breakfast comedy team, a music programmer, a panel operator, a weekend announcer, a commercial writer...then a full two weeks as the website editor for a national tabloid magazine (thus ending my illustrious career in the print media)...and then back into copywriting. In February 2010 I finally left radio, and now I'm a copywriter elsewhere in Melbourne.

I'm still not an actor. Hmph.

I've done several things I never thought I'd ever do; including sit on a tiger shark, appear as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, interview Joan Rivers, start and finish a career within two weeks (see re: illustrious print career), take part in a zombie film, and visit the birthplace of Tom Cruise. (No, I did not set out to visit the birthplace of Tom Cruise - I only found out last week where it was, and I realised I'd been there. In fact, I watched King Kong at a mall there. Exciting.)

I don't believe in ironing. It's against my religion - which is a specific anti-ironing religion that I made up. The only doctrines I have so far are the no ironing thing, and that dvd collections must be arranged in perfect alphabetical order. I'll add more as I think of them, and if you'd like to join this religion let me know. All are welcome.

Except gays.

Just kidding! Gays are welcome.

You'll just have to pay a small fee.

Just kidding! It's actually quite a substantial fee.

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